कर्ण दासको कर्णप्रिय स्वरमा “दुख त आफ्नै हो” सार्बजनिक

Karna Das, also known as Mr. Das, is one of the most prominent Nepali singers living and performing today. Mr. Das was born on 24 November 1974 in Pokhara. Das completed high school in 1993 and studied economics in college. Mr. Das was also the lead singer of the band Madhyanha. He started his singing career in 1997 with the first song “Jindagi Ko Ke Bharosa.”

Mr. Das plays piano. He is inspired by Elton Jones, Richard Michael, Lata Mangeshkar, Jagjit Singh of India and Narayan Gopal of Nepal. He enjoys performing in front of large audiences. He strongly believes his mother is almighty. Most of his songs are heart touching and have high emotion.
Jamir Maharjan /Maya Karki are acter and actress, Lyricsis of Prakash Sami, Music composed by Biju Bajra, Camera by Bijay Pant
video Edited by Soniya BC and it was directed by Jitendra Maharjan.

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