Kavishiromani Rachanabali released

-Dipendra Adhikari
Kathmandu, Feb 19 (RSS): Kavishiromani Rachanabali, compilation of books of Kavishiromani (Crest-Jewel-Poet) Lekhnath Poudyal has been released amidst a grand function here in the capital Monday. The volumes have been brought in the market by Nepa-Laya Publication. The publication has termed the series as ‘Nepa-Laya Classics’.
While launching the book complied sets, Nepali Shiksha Parishad general secretary Rama Sharma said that the efforts of publishing such volumes were praise worthy.
Similarly, poet Poudyal’s granddaughter Dr Pratibha Pandey who initiated to publish the volumes shared her happiness with the publication adding that such volumes will help reach poet Poudyal in each home.
The Publication’s Kiran Krishna Shrestha shared that it was their best efforts to bring the notable classical literary books in the market by printing them in standards volumes meeting international standards.

All books penned by notable classical canon poet laureate Poudyal (1885–1966) were brought in the market in different five volumes to avail them in single series. Some of the books are shortage in the market and probably some are ever published and some may be lost. The third part of the Lalitya (Delicacy) was published for the first time. Some rare photographs of the poets were also included in the volumes.
Shrestha added that they will continue to bring such series of other classical litterateurs of Nepali literature in future also.
The series was compiled and (edited) by Prof Dr Sanat Kumar Wasti. Wasti, a Professor of Sanskrit and Nepali literatures, also a good poet and lyricist, has interpreted some complex and compound lines and words with simple and suitable examples in various books. The exposition has made the classical texts easier to common readers as some lines and words are commonly ranging from Vedanta and Upanishad in various texts of poet Poudyal.
Professor Wasti shared that he spent over five years in compiling and editing the books. He collected the manuscripts of poets before compiling in new volumes to check the errors found in later editions.
The poet laureate is reckoned as the founding father of modern Nepali poetry in the twentieth-century. Kavishiromani has written poems following Sanskrit literary style but by enriching and refining the Nepali language. His all writings are beautifully balanced in metres focusing on dignity, morality and reviving of Vedic culture and civilization after making pungent criticism over the then socio-political issues.
The Mahakavi (Great Poet) Laxmi Prasad Devkota has given a title of ‘Rishikalpapragya’ (Sage Aeon scholar) to poet Poudyal. Taruntapasi (The Young Ascetic) is his finest poetic creation while ‘Pinjadako Suga (A Parrot in a Cage)’ is a strong revolutionary poem against then oligarchy Rana regime.
The poet laureate Poudyal is also a short-story writer, playwright and essayist. The main books penned by Poudyal are Lalitya (Delicacy), Mero Ram (My God), Taruna Tapasi (The Young Ascetic), Amar Jyotiko Satya-Smriti (Remembering the Truth of Undying Light), Arunodaya (Dawn), Satya-Kali-Samvada (A Dialogue Between the Degenerate Age and the Age of Truth), Ritu Vichara (Contemplation of the Seasons), Buddhi Vinoda (Enjoyments of Wisdom), Varsha Vichara (Reflections of Rains) Ganga Gauri (Goddess of the Ganga).
Today is the 52nd memorial day of the poet laureate Poudyal.
A total price of the series is Rs 6,975.

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